We have recently created an installer for the various packages people tend to need for RTI work… once we have tested it we will link to it here so people can test it.

PTM Fitter

John Cupitt has optimised the ptmfitter to use multiple cores and less memory – resulting in a good speed-up for creating PTMs. It can fit 76 D800 36Mpixel images in 50s.


The RTIViewer is the normal way to view these images on Mac/Windows. It provides extra viewing features which are useful for enhancing the image.

Web Viewers

Gianpaolo’s web viewer allows RTI images to be viewed in a web browser. This is useful as machines without the RTIViewer installed can be used.

We (ACRG & ECS & John Cupitt) are in the process of adding PTM viewing capabilities to the IIPimage viewer. We now have a demo available so you can see how fast it is.

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