Several RTI “Domes” have been built by the Electronics and Computer Science dept. in Southampton and are in use at various sites. These were built to balance speed, high quality images and portability. Klaus has an excellent document on using the domes.

From 2017 you can order our new geodesic RTI domes

Dome1 and 2 – our first RTI domes – used in Southampton Archaeology and the Ashmolean museum

Dome3 –  the University of Oxford faculty of Oriental Studies dome  funded by the Mellon Foundation, 2012.

Dome4 –  The Louvre, Paris. 2014

Dome5 – The British Museum, London, 2014

Dome6 –  Penn museum, USA, 2015. Now in Yale

Dome7 – “superdome” with 128 LEDs for Oxford

Dome8 – new Geodesic design installed in York

2 thoughts on “Domes

  1. So, I made a dome from a plastic salad bowl, Arduino and LED driver. Two mistakes in wiring and now it works like a champ. Wrote some Processing code to communicate by serial and collect images with a webcam. Now the only problem is that RTIbuilder won’t run on my 64bit machine, won’t run at all in a laptop XP machine and seems to have locked up my Vista 32bit machine. So I guess this project was a flop, but at least I can make unusable pictures.

    Any plans for a 64bit RTI Builder?

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